Friday, August 12, 2011

The TWINcredibles vs. Bedtime...

The first 18month... TWINcedibles bedtime would usually go like this: At 6:45 I would nurse, they would fall asleep and I would quietly slip out of the bedroom. With the exception of a here and there night when Gabbi would hear me and wake up that's how bedtime went...sounds nice right...the problem? It could take 2 or more hours just to get to the point where I could leave the room, then very often Gabbi would wake up within 30 minutes and I‘d have to get her back to sleep again...UGH

So, this was bedtime, until I had finally had enough... at 18month old. 
I have no idea what happened. Like always, nursed, they fell asleep, but...when I tried to get up SCREAMS!! After nighttime taking a total of 3 hours that night, enough was enough...I was going to do something different. The next night, when we headed to bed I had a plan! The twins very quickly fell asleep, and I thought 'Maybe last night was a fluke' Nope, it wasn't, when I tried to get up...yup...crying. But, instead of starting all over again, I kissed them and left them tucked in and left the room. After about 20 minutes they were fast asleep! The 20 minutes sucked, I hate hearing them sad, but they need sleep and they weren't getting it, something needed to change! With the exception of one night when Gab was feeling sick. Nighttime has become no stress! Bed time has gone from the 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes! Then there was Monday night and Tuesday night: Nighttime nursing, then tucked them in and left the room, they were asleep with in 20 seconds! I am thrilled, my babies are getting awesome sleep and learning to fall asleep without Mommy touching them (you mama's know what I am talking about:)

It's funny I didn't realize how much bedtime was effecting the next day. Now, I see how it was. When bed time would take hours , by the time they were sound asleep to where I could leave the room, it would be my bed time! So, I wasn't getting to have much needed Husband time, Elias' school set up for the next day, or even just a little bit of time to my self!

My husband have had so much time together, we have been able to watch our favorite show together, I've helped him edit photos from some of his photo shoots and we have even fallen asleep on the couch together...more than once:) In addition to that, Elias has been thrilled with the school days I have been planning, my little guy love to learn and love that has been my focus! Oh, yeah and the other night I took a bath...yes, a bath, I don't even recall the last time that happened!!

This past week we embarked on a brand new journey...moving the TWINcredibles from our bedroom into their bedroom. We are the ultimate co-sleeping family, but the twins have just reached the point where it is time...and I am thrilled! Monday night they went to sleep in their own room and slept for 7 hours straight...totally unheard of in our house, sleeping through the night has been a huge issue for the twins, reflux, being too hot or being too cold...there is always something. So, I wasn't surprised  at about 5am they woke up and came into our room...which was totally fine...honestly I was surprised that it was 5am, I truly expected midnight maybe 1am! This is how it has been for the last few night have gone, and I am thrilled at the progress!!! Progress is progress and I expect them to be sleeping through the night before we know it! 

Happy Mama makes Happy Babies! Happy Babies who have had a good night sleep makes a Happy Mama!!

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