Friday, October 14, 2011

TWINcredible Mama vs. Crazy comments...

So, Mama's whats the deal? Why oh why to people have no filters.

We have gotten so many different weird, rude and odd

"Wow you must have your hands full!"
"When did you find out your were having twins?" - we all know they are asking "did you have IVF?"
"Aren't you Glad you didn't have triplets?"
"When you found out you having twins were you excited? Did you want to keep them both?" AHH are you kidding?
"Are you going to have more?" The first time I was asked this it came from a nurse and the TWINcredibles were about 5 minutes old :)
"Are Identical?" We have a boy and a girl?!?!
"Wow, he is so cute, and she looks nothing like him" Did you just say my daughter is ugly?
"Do you still like having twins when they both cry?" 

This comment was quite odd: 
let me set this up for you...we were at Target, the TWINcredible were ready to leave and we where heading towards the door when both twins started yelling "OUT" "OUT" at the top of there lungs...they a women walking towards us Jumps in front of the stroller and yells "hi" to which the twin become totally silent...she looks up at me and says to her daughter standing right next to her 
"I got her babies to stop crying, what kind of mom is she...not a good one I guess" Umm ??????

And this was just really unexpected:
We were at Costco waiting on my husband and older son to get pizza so we could leave...when this woman come pushing her cart right up to me and says kind or rudely and short --
"Are those twins?" Yes!
"Are they a boy and a girl?" Yes! - she interrupts and says "oh so they are fraternal"
"How old are they?" 21 months
"These are my twins, they are 3 and they are Identical girls...they are real twins!" then she turns around and walks off leaving me stunned...that was the first time that I have ever had another twin mom act they way and I was shocked!

With that I will leave you with this....
This always makes me laugh...because it is SO SO very true...isn't it! :)

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